Christ Temple Church   

We are A.R.C Accountable. Responsible. Committed.



1--New Years Day 

7--Ministers Revival 

8--Ministers Revival

14--Ministers Revival 

15--Ministers Revival

16--Breakout fundraising event  

21--Ministers Revival 

22--Ministers Revival

25--youth connect freedom Friday

26-- leaders meeting 

28--Ministers Revival

29--Missions Midnight Prayer

30--BreakOut session  

31--Missions prayer 

2--Kingsmen Super Sunday (5 pm)
9--Missions Love Feast 
11--Tuesday night service
13--breakout session
16--leaders meeting  
23--Sunday Night Service 
27--Breakout session
28--Missions connect prayer/youth freedom Friday 
10--Tuesday Night Service
11--First Lady Birthday
14--Born 2 Edify Conference 
15--Ministers meeting/sunday night service 
20--Bloodsister's retreat
21--Bloodsister's retreat
22--bloodsister's retreat
26--breakout session
27--freedom friday
28--district fellowship 
29--leaders meeting 

5--Family and friends day 
9--breakout session
14--evangelistic service 
17--iSC diocesan dinner 
23-breakout session 
24--missions connect/freedom friday
26--ministers meeting/night service 
2--mission connect hattery tea 
7--ctc couples night 
8--bloodsister's daddy's girls celebration 
9--breakout celebration 
12--tuesday night service
14--illinois state council 
15--illinois state council 
16--illinois state council 
22--freedom friday
23--mission connect fundraiser/youth connect fundraiser 
24--leaders meeting 
30--district fellowship service   

Vacation Bible School Every Wednesday
5--youth retreat 
6--youth retreat 
7--annual youth day 
9--evangelistic service - 7pm
19--missions connect prayer
20-youth connect fundraiser 
26--freedom friday 
27--community day 

11--missions prayer breakfast
12--leaders meeting 
14--tuesday evangelistic service
19--bloodsister's prayer 9am/sunday evening service 
24--missions connect prayer/freedom friday
24--pcaf holy convocation 
25--pcaf holy convocation
26--pcaf holy convocation
27--pcaf holy convocation
28--pcaf holy convocation
29--pcaf holy convocation
11--tuesday night service 
14--ctc couples night 
20--illinois state council 
21--illinois state council 
22--illinois state council 
23--leaders meeting 
28--freedom friday 
29--district fellowship 
5--Pastor's Birthday
8--tuesday night service
11--bloodsisters connect night 
13--leaders meeting
25--missions connect prayer/freedom Friday
27--ministers meeting/night service 
9--mt. Zion convention 
15--Church Convention 
16--Church Convention 
17--Church Convention  
18--Church Convention 
23--freedom Friday 
31--hallelujah night
10--Evangelistic Service
12--illinois state council 
13--illinois state council 
14--illinois state council 
20--bloodsisters trip 
21--bloodsisters trip 
22-ministers meeting/sunday night service 
27--freedom friday
28--District Fellowship Service
6--Bloodsisters christmas gathering 
8--Evangelistic Service
11--Leadership Conference
12--Leadership Conference
18--mission connect prayer 
19--youth connect christmas 
25--Christmas Day
31--New Year's Eve/Watch Night Service

**subject to changes throughout the year**