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Christ Temple Church, who by God's grace, is committed to the ministry of the gospel, endeavoring to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all within it's reach. Christ Temple has partnered with many organizations throughout the community in effort to extend it's hand as far as possible. Every member of Christ Temple church is encouraged to participate in outreach endeavors, being given opportunities to serve in many capacities.

Weekly, Outreach teams storm the streets of our community, sharing the greatest story ever told, spreading the love of Christ and looking for opportunities to bless someone.

Monthly, Christ Temple travels to Home Sweet Home Mission which is our oldest partner. Home Sweet Home opens their doors for us to hold a worship service. Along with this monthly service, Home Sweet Home also provides many ways for us to participate in their ministry, including, The Supper Club, a Soup Kitchen, and more.

Each year the outreach department host a community day, partners with missions, senior living, youth programs and other organizations to share God's love and serve our community. 

Community Day is for Everyone!

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